Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where Is The Loft From New Girl Located?

While many of you may know that New Girl is filmed in a studio and that the exterior shown on TV is just used as a stand in and not actually where the characters 'live', I still think that some of you might be interested where exactly this old brick building is located.

Well, luckily, after seeing New Girl for the first time I immediately though the building looked familiar and I was right: The building is located in the Arts District neighborhood of Los Angeles where I'd been many times. The exact address is 837-841 E Traction St, Los Angeles, CA 90013,  which is the corner of Avery St and Traction Ave in Downtown Los Angeles.
Though the show doesn't use the interior of the building, occasionally they shoot on location just outside the building. So if you wanna take a picture outside just for fun, you might get lucky and run into the crew filming a scene. If not, there are many great restaurants in this neighborhood!