Monday, March 4, 2013

When is New Girl Coming Back? March 15th!

Sadly, February sweeps is over and we'll have to wait another week for a brand new episode of New Girl. The show will be back on March 15th with an episode called "Guy's Night." Until then, here's a link to Hulu and their selection of New Girl episodes.

New Girl Officially Renewed for a Third Season!

Photo: Fox
In case you haven't heard: Fox has just announced that New Girl has been officially renewed for the 2013/2014 season. Most shows aren't renewed until May but since New Girl is one of Fox's more highly rated shows, they decided to renew it early! Also, almost every show that's renewed for a third season will get a fourth because of the way TV production deals/syndication works.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

S2E18 'Tinfinity' Quotes: Strongly worded email, adorable personality, tippy go bye bye and more!

Jess: I need a different mouth on my mouth. To erase that mouth.

Schmidt: I can't talk right now. I'm writing a strongly worded email to my florist.

Winston: Jess, you know nothing about sports.
Jess: Ahhh... What am I gonna do? I guess I'll just have to use my eyes, hair, boobs, legs and adorable personality. Hahaha. Fool.
Winston: I got like three of those things.

Nick: Garbage? That's what the nursing home said about my mattress.

Schmidt: Tippy go bye bye!

Jess: I have this feeling too. Like I wanna french you. I really wanna french you.

Schmidt: What is in that?!
Nick: Liquor!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

S2E17 'Parking Spot' Quotes: Sucking face, Wifi/wifee, shower cap and a twist tie, kill him & more!

Nick: I like how things aren't weird between us.
Jess: Right, because of somebody walked in here and saw us, they'd be like "Look at those two totally normal roommates. I bet they never sucked face" but we did. You sucked my face.

Schmidt: Give me the spot or I'll kill you all!

Schmidt: Does it say "share stuff" in the constitution of America? Nicholas what does it say?
Nick: Don't share stuff.

Nick: I refuse to pay for the "wifee"
Jess: It's wifi.

Jess: You can't escape destiny. She comes for us all that relentless bitch. That's right destiny's a lady.

Daisy: You forgot a condom?
Winston: You got a grocery bag?
Daisy: No.
Winston: Tin foil?
Daisy: No.
Winston: Hand sanitizer?
Daisy: No.
Winston: You got a shower cap and a twist tie?

Nick: I don't know what mazel tov means but it doesn't sound good.

Jess: Kill him, kill him! You said you'd kill him! Now kill him! Now's your chance!

Nick: It's a sour ball not a bank safe. Just open the candy.

Winston: She's either having crazy amounts of sex or she does not know how to use these things.

Schmidt: Do you know nothing about men?
Jess: Yes, I know nothing about men. That's why I'm wearing a short skirt and wool tights.

Jess: You nailed my mouth. You nailed it good and hard and strong.

Jess: WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! Let me be very clear here. I am a strong, self-sufficient woman. And I will not be nailing you, Schmidt, or Nick, or Schmidt. Notice I said that twice because I don't feel it's thinking in. There will be no nails or screws or hammers in this building area. Generally, the whole thing.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Zooey/Elizabeth Interview: Zooey Nixed a Script this Season!

Entertainment Weekly recently sat down with Zooey Deschanel and Elizabeth Meriwhether. They mainly talk about the Jess/Nick kiss and why they chose to do it now as opposed to dragging the usual "will they, won't they" dynamic across four or five seasons.
Toward the end of the interview, however, Elizabeth talks about trying to push Zooey as an actress but how there was a script recently that Zooey wasn't happy with. Rather than saying what it was that made her uncomfortable, there's a cute back and forth:
LIZ: Oh. Well now you’ve given me an idea. Are we being vague enough?
ZOOEY: We are being quite vague.
EW: You’re making me quite curious.
ZOOEY: I will say it was like potty humor. And scatological is just not my thing. I’ll go blue-sex humor but I won’t go blue-potty humor.
LIZ: So you won’t go brown?
ZOOEY: [laughing] I’ll go blue, but I won’t go brown.
Oh my! 

Zooey and her BFF Sophia Rossi talk about BFFs

After posting about Zooey's new production company, I just had to post the video that accompanied the Jezebel article. In this 32-minute video Zooey and Sophie give friendship advice among other things! Yay!

Zooey Deschanel to Launch Production Company With BFF

The Hollywood Reporter and Jezebel are reporting that our favorite New Girl, Zooey Deschanel will be starting her own production company with her best friend Sophia Rossi. Zooey is already a producer for New Girl so she has some experience with producing though, unlike some people may believe, the show is really the brain child of Elizabeth Meriwether not Zooey. It'll be interesting to see what kind of shows the two will come up with. Jezebel is hoping that Zooey will use her power in Hollywood to create a few shows that focus on lady empowerment.

S2E17 Promo: New Girl Will Be Back Tomorrow 2/19 with an all-new episode: Parking Spot

Looks like the whole Nick/Jess situation won't be resolved quickly or easily. Check out the trailer for Parking Spot below:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

S2E16 'Table 34' (aka 'Marriage') Quotes: Mojo man, Sharon, Panic Moonwalk, Lil' Wayne & More!

Winston: I got my mojo back, baby! I'm the mojo man!

Jess: I saw him this morning and he just panic moonwalked away from me.
Cece: What?
Jess: He does that sometimes.

Winston [to Nick]: You've named your testicles and they're both named Sharon.

Cece: You told me you had moved on.
Schmidt: Only people who haven't moved on say things like that. I'm a squirrel, you're my nut. Winter's coming I'm gonna store you in my cheek, girl.

Cece: Hi, excuse me, I think that there's been just a little bit of a mistake with the tables...
Anu: Over 30, no advanced degrees, part-time employment. Table 34.
Cece: No, see, actually I'm a professional model. I'm not famous or anything but I was in Lil' Wayne's last video. I was the girl he was throwing strawberries at in slow motion.
Anu: Definitely table 34.

Anu: I'll tell you what's not made out of newspapers. That tight little ass of yours.

Nick: It was a nice kiss.
Jess: You were like a dog and my mouth was like a bowl full of dog milk.

Schmidt: I will "cal-cut-a" bitch.

Jess: He's in such terrible shape. You could have killed him.

Nick: Is there another doctor in the house?

Schmidt: You should see her areolas. One's like a helicopter pad, the other's one's like a tick bite. It's freaky. Very disorienting.

Schmidt: Turban on? Turban off?
Cece: I'm gonna hate myself for saying this but turban on!
Schmidt: Turban on it is!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Odette Annable Will Be on New Girl!

Photo via hypable
Oddette Annable, who is best known for starring in House, is going to be joining New Girl for a couple of episodes according to Hypable. Here's where it gets a bit *spoiler-ish*

Ask Elizabeth Meriwether Anything You Like and She'll Answer!

Well, ok, she might not answer but if you've ever wanted to ask New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether anything about the show now's your chance! The New York Times is encouraging anyone to post some questions and they'll take the best ones to Elizabeth. Yay! You have until Wednesday, February 6th!

Here's the link to submit your questions:

S2E16 'Marriage' Promo: What's going to happen post Nick/Jess kissing?

So after watching last week's promo I was sure they were just teasing us about the kiss and until the very end of the episode I was like "ha!" and then, of course, it actually happened. It looks like it won't be just a thing that happened but maybe Jess and Nick will finally have to talk about maybe having feelings for each other!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

S2E15 'Cooler' Quotes: Taffy Pull, Calabasas Scratcher & More!

Schmidt: I've been trying to get something going with myself for a full hour. It's like a taffy pull on a hot summer's day.

Schmidt: I just don't do it for me anymore. I even bought myself a sexy pair of underpants to spice things up.

Jess: World's best wing woman reporting for duty.

Jess: I'm not your cooler!
Nick: It's not you. It's the way that you behave. And the things that you say.  And the look on your face. And...It is you!

Jess [on the phone]: Sam! It's Jess. Please come get me. I'm probably fine but I also might be dead. Goodbye.

Jess: I think it might be gang related. I've always been worried about my blue curtains. Cribs.

Cece: She's pretty sure it's the Calabasas Scratcher. I mean is that a thing? I don't keep up with the local news.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

S2E16 'Marriage' Photos: Everyone's dressed up! just posted some promo pics from the 16th episode of the season and it looks like the gang will be attending some sort of formal event, most likely a wedding considering that the title of the episode is "Marriage." Anywhooo... *spoiler* we JUST posted some info that Jess and Sam might be breaking up and some of the photos over at definitely seem to confirm this! 

Photo: FOX via

Photo: FOX via

More pics at the

Steve Howey to Guest on New Girl

Ohhh la la, *spoiler-ish* Jess is supposed to be getting a new love interest later this season (so we're guessing it won't work out with Doctor Whatshisface) and he will be played by Steve Howey who is one of Showtime's Shameless' stars. According to, Howey's character, a football player, will be charming Jess' pants off during Schmidt and Nick's 10 years of living together anniversary. Fun!

S2E15 'Cooler' Promo! Set to Air on January 29!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jake Johnson (aka Nick Miller) On Being a Bartender, His Fitness Goal and Women

Jake and Nick seem to have a lot in common (Photo: Fox)
Zooey tends to get all the love from the magazine world but Jake Johnson was interviewed by Men's Fitness recently and here are some interesting tidbits:

He's married!
"I love my wife. Hopefully I never get divorced. But if I do, it might be funny. I'll make a reality show about it. It will be called 'Strike Three.' What are the three strikes? Well, you'll have to watch the show."

He really used to be a bartender!
"I used to bartend weddings when I was working in catering. I've got a lot of respect for bartenders because it's a very hard job. Also a lot of times, I'm given a lot of free drinks by bartenders because they watch the show. To those bartenders, and any bartenders who read this, 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch your back in the tip, Big Daddy'. We can make this work.

His workout philosophy: 
"I'm not a guy who ever needs to be seen in his underwear in a photo shoot, I just need to make sure that if someone bumps into me, I don't fall over. That's my Men's Fitness goal. Everybody just wants to lose weight, trim down, and tone. That's not my style. I like to eat a lot, drink a lot, and lift weights.

Check out the rest of the interview here!

Source: Men's Fitness

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

S2E14 'Pepperwood' Quotes: Pogo, apricots and giant eyes

Nick: Writers don't read. We write.
Jess imitating Winston's fart walk

Jess: He's the first person I got to use first person narrative. [singing] I'm an amazing teacher.

Schmidt: You're penis actually changed the channel when we were watching the Bears game.

Nick/Julius Pepperwood: I'm from Chicago. Thin-crust pizza? No, thank you. I'm from Chicago.

Jess: Nick! What's my one rule?
Nick: Do not steal your yarn.
Jess: Don't steal my yard, man. My one thing.

Schmidt: A pogo is what your friends talk about when you leave the room.
Cece: Oh! Like your barnacle toe nails?

Nick: Never get caught without a safe word. We're gonna go with apricot.
Jess: That's way to normal. We need to like go with something weird like dragon slippers.
Nick: What?
Jess: I use apricot way to much in my normal life.
Nick: Why do you use apricot so much?
Jess: What am I supposed call them? Sweet tangy balls?

Jess: My eyes!! My giant eyes!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zooey & Cats: Behind the Scenes Photos From the New Girls Set! just posted some pictures from the New Girl set that were taken on January 17th (Zooey's birthday). Zooey tweeted that she was really excited about filming with cats and looks pretty happy in these pictures!


Check out the rest of the pics at

Zooey Deschanel Interview: Talks About Her Hair, Fashion, Music & Season 2

Check out this cool interview that I found online. Zooey talks about the last time she had a hair disaster, how she works with the customer designer of the show, her music and how she feels about the second season of New Girl:

Learn More about the Woman Behind New Girl: Elizabeth Meriwether

The Wall Street Journal just posted an great article about Elizabeth Meriwether who is the creator and executive producer of New Girl so I've you've ever been curious to who's behind the awesomeness that is New Girl check out the article here.

Here are some of my favorite parts:

Making it happen, for Meriwether, means approving every wardrobe choice, making sure every joke lands and sitting with the editors for every cut. There's nothing resembling Hollywood glamour in her day, which often begins before dawn and stretches into the late hours—with food and showers an afterthought. But during those long spans at the writer's table and behind the camera, her quirky, unvarnished charm, easily recognizable to any viewer of the show, shines through—Hollywood's new girl, come to life.
3:30 a.m.: Liz wakes up in her office on the Fox lot in West Los Angeles. She spent two nights in a row sleeping in the office this week. Her office essentials include: 11 vegan meals, five bottles of dry shampoo, one bottle of Pepto-Bismol, one Con-Air hair dryer, seven Ricola lozenges, one bottle of Advil, one can of pepper spray, one Dolce & Gabbana accessories box, one case of Emergen-C, one Lady Speed Stick.

Sounds like her life is pretty crazy!


S2E14: "Pepperwood" Promo! January 22! Yes!

Looks like Pepperwood is going to be one scary episode.  Jess will be dealing with a killer and something is very, very wrong with Schmidt's eyebrows!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

S2E13 'A Father's Love' Quotes: Chica go Bills, Hilary Swank, mixed with a sad wet dog, saris & more!

Jess: 'Chica go Bills' is actually Spanish for 'young girl go bills.

Schmidt: How many times did I have to repeat the words lemon drop shot.
Cece: Yeah, I think he was... he was making fun of you.
Schmidt: For what? Working hard and playing hard? I guess the joke is on me.

Walt: You really seem to care about lil' Nicky.
Jess: I mean look at him. He looks like Hilary Swank, mixed with a sad wet dog.

Walt: She's my nice. She goes to veterinary school.
Jess: Yeah, top of my class.

Jess [about horse]: I'm seeing a lot of split ends. The mane is totally the wrong cut for the shape of his face.

Nick: There are people in life who you want to be unpredictable. Your pothead neighbor or Vice President Joe Biden.

Jess: You can't sell Father's Love. There's more to a Father's Love that semen. Ew. Poetic but ew.

Schmidt: Are you wearing a traditional sari?
Cece: Yes!
Schmidt: I begged you to wear a sari. I had all these sari-related sexual scenarios. Monsoon Bedding. The Best Erotic Maribone Hotel. Slumdoggie Style Millionaire.

Jess: This is my first middle of the night parking lot horse deal.

Nick: Jess, if you're gonna mess with my sink, put some goggles on. Your eyes are twice the size of normal eyes. It's a bigger target.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

S2E13 'A Father's Love' Promo! Episode Airs January 15th!

Check out this very short promo for the all new New Girl episode that will air on Tuesday, January 15th! Apparently Nick's dad is a con man!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

S2E12 'Cabin' Recap: Absinthe and Frozen Yogurt

In the first New Girl episode of the year, Jess decides to go to a cabin with Sam but feels the pressure to make the weekend picture perfect. Her nervousness makes her invite Nick and Angie to the cabin for free to act as buffers which is an offer Nick can't refuse. Once they arrive and settle in, Angie breaks out some rifles she found in the house. They all take turns shooting, even Jess, who wants to impress Sam. Not a natural with guns, Jess ends up shooting down a transformer and they are now stuck in the cabin without electricity.

S2E12 'Cabin' Quotes: Black Switch, Sexy Boggle, White Nick, Brown Cece & more!

Jess: I want this weekend to be fun and perfect and lovely. And I want him to look at me at the end and go "Jess that was the best weekend I ever had."
Nick: I'm glad your keeping your expectations at a reasonable level.

Nick: I'm sorry we're not going this weekend.
Jess: But It's free.
Nick: Did you say free?
Jess: Yeah.
Nick: We're 100% in. I'll go pack now.

Schmidt: White Nick, brown CeCe. I'd like to have a frank discussion about race.

Schmidt: Let's let Winston turn on his black switch and let his black light shine.

Jess: Oh look, it's Jackie O.
Nick: Me?

Jess: I've never played sexy Boggle before.
Sam: I'm gonna get into that later.
Jess: Ow.

Jess: Give me the boom stick.

Jess: Absinthe has killed so many of our most famous painters.

Sam: You know, I feel so much better after throwing up in the fire.

Jess: I'll pass the bread, Angie. Just keep your hands to yourself and let the bread come to you.

Jess: I left a post-it note on the transformer that said "broken."

Jess: You can eat salad in my back seat any time.... I didn't mean that to be sexual.

Nick: That was a mistake! I am going to poop weird tonight!