Tuesday, January 8, 2013

S2E12 'Cabin' Recap: Absinthe and Frozen Yogurt

In the first New Girl episode of the year, Jess decides to go to a cabin with Sam but feels the pressure to make the weekend picture perfect. Her nervousness makes her invite Nick and Angie to the cabin for free to act as buffers which is an offer Nick can't refuse. Once they arrive and settle in, Angie breaks out some rifles she found in the house. They all take turns shooting, even Jess, who wants to impress Sam. Not a natural with guns, Jess ends up shooting down a transformer and they are now stuck in the cabin without electricity.

Absinthe and cozy sweaters are passed around and everyone gets a little tipsy. Jess, once again trying to impress Sam, hits the bottle a little too hard and ends up puking in the upstairs bathroom with Nick by her side. While the two of them are upstairs, Angie makes a move on Sam thinking that the purpose of the weekend was to have a little partner swap action. Nick and Jess walk in on Angie making her move and while Nick pretends to be cool with this, Jess is not having it. Sam throws up, right into the fireplace.

Awkwardness follows at the dinner. Nick  finally admits to not being so cool with the whole open relationship thing. Later in bed, Angie finally admits to being a little cray cray. She apologizes and he sweetly asks her to slow down a little with the craziness. Next door, Jess and Sam have a talk as well. They admit that they're not perfect but love each other so much. Everyone's happy.

The next morning Nick wakes up next to a letter from Angie. She stole everything but his underwear and left him behind. Jess gives Nick and non-hug and they all leave the cabin.

Back in LA, Schmidt becomes concerned about Winston not being around black people after seeing him talk to a group of African Americans at the bar. Schmidt tries to help Winston be more black. Winston realizes that he can use Schmidt's white guilt to mess with him and convinces him to go out and get some crack (cocaine).
Later that night they pull up to a sketchy looking strip mall and Schmidt starts talking to a random guy in the street trying to buy crack from him. Winston is now freaking out and a 'who is trying to rob who' situation follows. It's all good though because the 'drug dealer' turns out to be a nice guy who was just trying to give them directions. Back at home, Winston tell Schmidt not to worry about racial stuff because there's so much other stuff that he finds annoying about his roommates. In a huff, he leaves to get frozen yogurt.

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