Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Season 2 Spoilers! Jess' Exploring, Fuck Buddies and More!

We simply can't wait for the new season of New Girl to start! We also can't help but google "New Girl spoilers" every once in a while! A recent search has turned on these little snippets...

*Spoilers After the Jump*

According to

-Jess will be laid off! Cue "job experimentation" montage
-David Walton will be playing Jess' fuck buddy! Good for her!
-Expect a more unhinged and unrestrained Jess next season...
-Rachel Harris who played Jess' will return next season
-Leslie Mann will be guest starring in the first episode of the second season (Source)

Remember, Season 2 of New Girl will premiere September 25!

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