Tuesday, November 1, 2011

S1E4 'Naked' - Quotes: Le Peen, Hachi Machi! and More!

There it is! (Photo: Fox)
Jess: Have you guys ever seen fame? It's about a group of dreamers with talent to spare taking New York City by storm.

Nick: Sometimes she's being so ironic that I think she's being serious.

Schmidt: I have 3 date packages. They work every time. Package A: Close-up magic, dinner, drinks. Package B: Close-up magic, drinks. Package C: Close-up magic.

Jess: Amanda? From the bar? Whoa, she's a looker. Hachi Machi!

How cute is middle school Jess? (Photo: Fox)
Winston: Fill me in. What did I miss?
Schmidt: From the past two years?
Winston: Give me the highlights.
Schmidt: Country's broke. Betty White is back.
Winston: Cool. What about the rest of the Golden Girls?
Schmidt: They're all dead, man.

Jess: I accidentally saw Nick's pee pee and his bubbles.

Jess: Bonjour, le peen.

Nick: Is there something funny about it?
Jess: No! It's beautiful. Stately. A real treat.

Yay! They're back! (Photo: Fox)

How big? (Photo: Fox)